If you are reading this, then you are interested in websites creation and development. No matter if you are a businessman or an artist, and if want to create a single-page website or full-scale web-portal, we are here for you to help. You are on the right way. At this very moment you are making the first step to the creation of a promising, effective, profitable and exclusive website.


Studio "Perpetuum Mobile" renders services in development and creation of turnkey websites. First, we negotiate with our client to get information about his business, personal preferences and the purpose of the future website. Then, we start working on the project. Together with the customer we create a concept and think over a convenient and functional structure of the resource. Our specialists propose a unique design. The creation and development of a website proceed under skilled guidance of qualified SEO-analysts. It is crucial to stick to SEO-optimization rules and standards on all stages, so that the website doesn’t need any improvements to assure effective promotion. After we choose the appropriate design, our programmers start working to turn beautiful pictures into a prompt and serviceable web-resource, which will bring you profit or accomplish other tasks you need it to. We provide an integrated approach to websites development, and that is what makes our studio outstanding.


Our web-studio creates websites of all types. Which one you choose depends on your goal and budget.

  • Landing Page is a single-page advertising website, which contains basic information about a particular product, service, brand, company, etc. The page has a range of definite purposes: it aims to sell merchandise, collect contact data and attract clients. If landing page is filled with proper content (we will take care of it), it will attract many clients shortly after getting launched. An effective one-page website usually brings much more money than you invest in it, so don’t ignore this opportunity.
  • Business Card Website is an affordable option with the optimal set of functions to represent the company online. This is a great solution to bring your business into the web-environment. In the future, a business card website may be transformed into a large-scale corporate portal.
  • Corporate website is a full-scale resource with advanced functionality, numerous pages and the possibility to update content if necessary. Upon request, a search module and an online ordering or consulting system may be included into the structure. Choose this option if you need a powerful and profitable commercial web-resource.
  • Web-Store. Users trust high-quality online stores and avoid amateurish platforms with clunky structure and primitive functionality. We create prompt, serviceable websites with suitable structure, simple navigation and attractive design for visitors to enjoy shopping.
  • Individual project.If you have some specific goal that requires a website other than described above, then this is your case. "Perpetuum Mobile" will be glad to help you carry out your plans. We will assist you in creation of your individual project. Just call us to become a step closer to your goal.


So, the site has been successfully created and launched. Logically, you expect it to work effectively and profitably. However, mind that the website will bring dividends only if it is professionally and sustainably maintained and promoted. This is not just our subjective opinion – it is a fundamental standard of web-industry. We offer an integrated package of services for website maintenance and promotion. Our specialists monitor the activity of the resource and timely eliminate failures that emerge. Then, we provide SEO-optimization and promotion, that is, we fill your website with original and valuable content, so that is gets noticed by search engines. All these maintaining measures insure efficiency of website, good traffic and constant increase of its position in the search engines ratings. Read more about SEO-development here.


If you already own a website but it doesn’t meet your requirements, then we are here for you to solve this problem. Our experts rectify technical faults, take measures to speed up the loading of web-pages, refine the functionality, optimize the program code, and implement multiple languages for your web-resource. These complex measures help to enhance efficiency, productivity, and conversion of the website. However, sometimes it is simpler to create a new website than to improve the existing one. A qualified analyst from our studio will determine the financial viability of website reconditioning.


  • We use modern PHP-frameworks to create websites and web-applications.
  • We develop powerful corporate applications that can easily accept several thousand visitors a day.
  • We work with the most widespread web-programming language PHP in conjunction with the database management system MySQL and PostgreSQL.
  • We perform the layout of full-featured, ready-to-install templates for popular CMS.
  • We perform the layout of any complexity of HTML, CSS3 and adaptive layout for the correct display of the site both on desktops and mobile devices.

Contact us in any convenient way: feel free to call, write or fill in a special order form. We will discuss the details of the project and determine its cost. After agreeing on conceptual and financial aspects, we will propose several design options for you to choose the best one. While our team works on the website development, we acquaint you with the intermediate stages of the project realization. The website has a convenient administrative panel, which enables you to add or edit content at any point of time. Once the ready-made website gets put on the Internet, it starts working actively to bring you profit. After the launch, we provide essential services to promote and maintain your website, so that it becomes popular and profitable.