Why do search engines treat websites differently? Some web-resources are lucky enough to appear on the first page of the search output. But many others show up on the tenth, twentieth or even hundredth page (some websites never get visited by Internet users). Becoming Google’s favorite may be particularly challenging for new websites. Indeed, even powerful web-resources run the risk of losing their high position. Great web-pages with a substantial budget and good advertisement often find themselves at the margins of the output list. Why does it happen and how to prevent it?

A dynamic-working and profitable website which is displayed on the first page of search engines is far from being pure luck. It is rather the result of a qualified SEO-specialist’s dedicated work. It is highly desirable that a skilled SEO-analyst works on your website on all stages of its life cycle – from creation to promotion. Only in this case it will attract more visitors which will result in higher sales and greater profitability.


Technical Auditing. An SEO-specialist analyzes the mechanics, structure and usability of the website, and finds internal technical errors which affect the traffic. Then, we consider the results of technical audit to determine what types of improvements are required for the website and how much SEO-optimization will cost.

Development of Semantic Kernel. Internet users find your site through particular search queries. An SEO-specialist analyzes the most popular search queries to create a list of so-called keywords. This is how semantic kernel is formed. Then, it is used to rank the website higher in search results.

Internal Optimization of the Website. An SEO-expert cooperates with developers to eliminate technical faults (broken links, duplicate pages, low page speed, etc). Then, he consults technical specialists on website structure optimization, data markup, and internal linking.

Content Improvement. A copywriter and a designer follow an SEO-manager’s recommendations to improve textual and graphical content of the website. An SEO-analyst chooses meta-tags and creates alternative texts for pictures (title, description, alt). Our company provides versatile copywriting services for professional SEO-optimization of your website.

Usability Improvement. An SEO-manager is also responsible for improving website usability. Better usability equals happy users who, in their turn, stay longer on your website and visit more pages. As a result, the web-resource becomes more efficient. Regular usability improvements are crucial because even interested visitors quit non-user-friendly websites. They appreciate their time and don’t want to waste it trying to find their way on a website with unclear and complicated navigation.

External SEO-Optimization. An SEO-analyst takes effective measures to increase the number of links leading to your website from other web-resources, directories, social networks, forums, etc. Link equity, also known as link weight, should be increased gradually in order to avoid unfavorable reaction of search engines. Remember that search engine optimization is a competition. So, an SEO-specialist analyses the competitors’ promotion strategies to identify and implement the most effective methods.

Contextual advertising. Our specialists carry out large advertising campaigns on Yandex Direct and Google AdWords. Let’s see how it works. Imagine that you sell laptops. Internet users tap ‘buy laptop’ in a search bar, and then they see your company’s contextual advertising on many different websites. It is a very efficient form of advertising because it attracts only interested visitors to your website. What’s more, you will pay per link click.

Promotion on Social Media. People spend a lot of time on social networks, so such platforms as Facebook, Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki are very effective for ad and promotion. We form the target audience on the company web-page and actively use the advertising tools provided by these web-resources.

Email marketing. Mass mailing is a good way to deliver advertisement or interesting proposals to large audiences at one time. Successful email campaigns can help you attract new visitors and increase sales.


Our company has been working in the field of SEO-optimization and promotion of websites for several years. It is quite hard to "satisfy" search engines, as they often change algorithms without revealing secrets of getting websites ranked top in search results. The most outstanding achievements of global SEO-industry may work well today and become useless tomorrow. Therefore, when it comes to search engine optimization, no expert can guarantee quick results. With this in mind, our specialists are constantly studying all the novelties in the domain of SEO, which lets them quickly adjust to changes and master the latest methods and techniques. This is what makes us different from other SEO-agencies that use outdated algorithms.


The program and cost of SEO-promotion are individual for each customer. The scope and duration of work depends on the present status of the website, its structure, functions, particularities and target audience. We strongly recommend starting a fruitful work on search engine optimization on the early stages of website development. This will save you the trouble of fixing technical faults in the future. The first satisfactory results will become visible after several month of work. Contextual advertising will increase traffic within several days.

Remember that SEO-promotion must be everlasting. Constant support of your website by an SEO-specialist is a guarantee that tomorrow your website will be better than it was yesterday.