"Perpetuum Mobile" team of designers is made up of high-skilled professionals with more than 15 years of working experience. Our talented, creative and attentive specialists with refined artistic vision are able to surprise the most demanding customer. They use powerful tools, such as modern software and extensive knowledge in the field of web-design and printing.

The graphics we create is not only beautiful and original, but also efficient. It works for you: it attracts clients, demonstrates the advantages of the product, sells, represents the company, enhances its reputation, and promotes the web-resource. Altogether, it performs some specific task, and does it effectively. And what’s important, we hear and understand our clients to enthusiastically collaborate on a creative project. We are client-friendly and easy to work with. You are welcome to view some of our works at the Portfolio section. Our 3D-modeling specialists masterfully convert two-dimensional pictures into three-dimensional models.


Design and layout of business cards, flyers, catalogs, books, brochures, booklets, leaflets, etc. We perform prototyping, template development, layout, corrections (if necessary). Then, we process and stylize photographic materials, including retouch and color correction. We prepare files for printing, taking into account all requirements of the printing house.

Development of logotypes and other brand identity components. Our designers will make your brand recognizable through implementation of brand identity elements into website design, corporate gifts and promotional products. We can either work with an existing system of corporate identity or create a new corporate style for your business.

Development of flash presentations. We perform a wide range of works using Flash-animations. We create unique interactive presentations on the base of Adobe Flash. Such visual tools are a great way to present your product effectively and tell about the capabilities of an enterprise, a city or a whole region.

Development of outdoor advertising design. Designers from "Perpetuum Mobile" create design templates for any types of outdoor advertising, including boards, megaboards, citylights, firewalls, stellas, signboards, tablets, signposts, etc.

Creation of video clips and video editing. We create original advertising, art, presentation, family, corporate videos for various purposes. Specialists of our studio perform editing, processing, color correction of the footage in accordance with your suggestions.

Packaging design

We create designs for all packaging types as follows:

  • metal packaging for food products like canned meat, fish and milk, vegetable oil;
  • aerosol cans for varnishes, paints, deodorants, air refreshers, lubricants, foam insulation;
  • packaging for paints and varnishes, oils, solvents, adhesive compositions, auto-chemical and construction products;
  • promotional packaging;
  • alcohol products packaging;
  • packing bags
  • TetraPack packaging;
  • exclusive handcrafted packaging;
  • other types of metal, glass, plastic, cardboard and wood packaging.

We can:

  • create concept idea for future design of the packaging;
  • make professional design;
  • do pre-press in accordance with press unit specification of requirements;
  • render 3d visualization of package with your design on it.


Website design. Qualitative graphic design is just a half of success of an Internet resource. All websites by our specialists are beautiful, but besides beauty, there are other factors that matter. Effective web-design considers visitors’ psychology and guides them through web-pages to help them find answers to their questions. Graphic design attracts users’ attention to essential areas of the website and leads visitors to the order form.

We create user-friendly and self-explanatory design that helps visitors find their way on the website and motivate them to make an order. Consequently, people stay on your website longer. This approach guarantees an effective and profitable work of the web-resource.

Adaptive design. The designers of our company create layout of web-pages considering the particularities of adaptive layout. Adaptive websites respond to the size of the browser and work equally well on all types of devices. This is a good way to reach a larger target audience.

Landing page is a good option to introduce your company or business on one-page website. We create informative and capturing landing pages which display all the advantages our customers’ products.

Website redesign. If you already have a web-resource but you are not satisfied with its design for some reason, then don’t hesitate to order its redesign. Our studio has several approaches to website redesigning. We can only update graphics without changing website structure and content, or fully update the resource and implement a fundamentally new design concept.

Web-banners design. We use gif and flash technologies to create static or animated web-banners for Internet-resources, e-mail campaigns and banner exchange networks. Web-banners attract users’ attention to essential information about the company, product, service or special offers.

Direct mail design. Your subscribers are waiting for interesting proposals and new about upcoming promotions, discounts, and product updates. We design direct mailing pieces considering the topic, target audience, brand, corporate identity, etc.

Our specialists are constantly working on the improvement of their skills in order to keep abreast with the progress in the field of design. We find personal approach to each client and offer unique decisions, which are sure to work and bring benefits.