One of Perpetuum Mobile’s service lines is development of CRM systems and other software to order. We perform a full range of works, from drafting of technical specifications to the development, implementation and maintenance of software and server equipment. Our services include the development of corporate portals and business automation systems (BPM), design of smart houses, web applications, desktop applications, data warehouses, CRM systems and other applications according to your individual order. We provide maintenance services for the developed software, conduct technical consultations, update the functional of existing systems, and train personnel. We develop programmable electronic devices and interactive systems which interact with the outside world and serve to solve practical problems in a wide variety of areas. Our project may either be autonomous or interact with PC software. If necessary, we create a special website for a project.


The company "Perpetuum Mobile" offers an effective solution to organize business processes. We develop CRM systems, which are special computer programs created to plan tasks and monitor their implementation. The abbreviation CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. "Perpetuum Mobile" creates effective, reliable, functional CRM systems with an intuitive user interface and a high level of security.

The program allows you to keep records of customers and transactions, reliably store documentation and contact information, divide the total flow of tasks into projects, and automate the creation of tasks and projects. CRM facilitates the operation of a complex business structure, allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of each employee or department, regulate the workload, organize teams, prepare reports, detect problems and weak points and eliminate the causes of their emergence. This is a useful tool that allows you to comply with working schedules without failing to meet deadlines. Good software like CRM improves the efficiency of your business. This system proved to be useful both for managers and employees.

Modern CRMs include client database, a calendar of tasks and events, modules for creating orders, tasks, invoices, offers, as well as a warehouse and a service for working with customers’ applications. All actions of the company's employees and the results of their work are entered into the CRM system. After some time you can look back at any task and restore the progress of its execution. If a company uses CRM, then the organization of its work requires less intellectual labour and time. More and more modern enterprises choose to use such systems because they appreciate their promising present and hope to have successful future. CRM programs are especially popular among freelance associations, online stores, large manufacturing enterprises, web studios, and trading companies.


"Perpetuum Mobile" performs smart houses programming and develops software to equip houses with modern intelligent electronics. The "Smart House" system is designed to control the temperature, humidity, and lighting level in the premises, along with the time of switching on / off of household appliances, equipment, electricity, gas or water supply. Special alarm systems inform premises owners in case of fire or water and gas leakage to ensure the safety and comfort. Our software will allow you to control transition of power supply systems to economy mode.

We develop intelligent systems for private houses, offices, manufacturing enterprises, medical institutions, etc. Management of all functions of the system may be carried out via computers, tablets, mobile phones, remote or voice control systems. We create intuitive interface with simple navigation and management, so that our customers feel comfortable while using software.

Our advantages are profound knowledge of technical specialists, great experience in manipulating different software and technologies, and experience in creation of automated systems for businesses.