3D modeling

3D designers from “Perpetuum Mobile” are high-class specialists with great working experience and outstanding portfolios. We offer creative approach to each client, as well as professional technical realization of all projects. The results that you receive prove that you have made a smart investment. 3D modelling by “Perpetuum Mobile” specialists is a versatile tool that will help you deal with a great variety of business problems. Photorealistic visualization is crucial for development of websites, preparation of presentations or advertising campaigns, etc. It is equally important in architectural and interior design. Three-dimensional models may be applied for such purposes as:

  • Presentation of goods, concepts, services, projects, etc. 3D visualization is a powerful advertising tool. We use the latest technologies to display your product to its best advantages.
  • Visual estimation of product characteristics, design, interior, exterior or landscape. Three-dimensional modelling allows you to see the product long before it is actually manufactured, and modify the project before it is implemented.


  • Three-dimensional photorealistic visualization of interiors.
  • Creation of architectural and landscape 3D models to order.
  • Visualization of various objects, e.g. cars, furniture, jewellery, cutlery.
  • Creation of three-dimensional models of goods for online stores.
  • Creation of advertising mock-ups, printed products, POS-materials.
  • Creation of three-dimensional models of equipment and gadgets.
  • Development of 3D packaging design.
  • Creation of animated 3D characters for computer games.
  • Creation of brand characters.
  • Development of animated promo clips.
  • Development of presentations of architectural projects for investors.
  • Creation of 3D virtual tours.


Let’s see have a look at 3D modelling algorithm. Computer specialists use specific software to create a three-dimensional model of an object. Then they work on environment modelling, choose surface finish, optimal camera position and a good angle, adjust light and shadows, and finally apply different graphical effects (reflections, sparkles, drops, fog, etc.) to animate the picture.

Then, they use so-called renderers to proceed rendering, that is, to generate a photorealistic image of the existing model. Rendering may last from several minutes to several days, depending on the complexity of visualization. Our designers use three-dimensional images to develop website layouts, print and video design.


The use of modern technologies makes it possible to get a realistic picture and visualize the detailed characteristics of a product. A qualitative three-dimensional image builds greater public confidence, and advertisers take advantage of it when holding advertising campaigns. Three-dimensional brand character is another effective advertising tool.

3D technologies help developers create unique characters with some distinguishing characteristics to improve brand identity and make the company more recognizable among potential customers. The effect gets much stronger if the brand character is animated. We use only the latest software which lets us create amazingly photorealistic models. All characteristics and parameters of three-dimensional models, including shape, colour, design, etc., may be modified on each stage of development.

We guarantee that you will remain satisfied with our services. We will cooperate fruitfully to create a perfect 3D model. The cost of three-dimensional visualization depends on the complexity of work, as well as on the level of detail and realism of the picture.