Website redesign

Online industry is developing at breakneck speed, that's why one day an unforeseen event may happen: website which was a delight for its owner's eye just a couple years ago, suddenly turns out to be unattractive, outdated, obsolete, and failing to meet the modern requirements. If the site was created 5-7 years ago, it's most likely that it will need full redevelopment in accordance with new standards. To make a younger site actual is way easier if you order to redesign your website.


  • The owner of the site doesn't like its design anymore.
  • The company has renewed or widened its area of activities, that's why old design is not relevant to new face of the company.
  • The company has committed rebranding, or marketing strategy has changed.
  • The site's owner wants to surprise his actual clients and to attract new ones.
  • Serious design issues making the site's functionality inconvenient have been found.
  • Design fails to meet modern requirements and the newest standards.
  • Visitors don't like the site's design, and its traffic ranking and popularity decrease.
  • Old design was created non-proffesionally.
  • Last redesign happened more than 2-3 years ago, and design is going out of style.


While ordering the site's redesign, it's necessary to understand for whom and for what it's being made and whom it will be helpful to.

  • For existing clients. Making a more comfortable and modern site, you reinforce your cutomers', partners', and purchasers' confidence.
  • For new visitors. Visitors use a beautifully designed site more actively, follow links enthusiastically, spend more time on the site.
  • For search engines. Modern design increases search engines' loyalty to the site — position in the search results increases and traffic diagram goes higher.
  • For company's public image. Even the largest, the most well-known and respectable companies lose much if they don't have a presentable and well-established website.


  • Discussion of new conception with the designer.
  • New layouts approval.
  • Slicing of renewed webpages.

To define whether your site needs a redesign or full renewal of functionality, ask our specialists.