Landing page

Landing page is a single-page website that introduces essential information about the product to clients. Landing is developed to promote a particular good or service and prompts clients to perform only one action, such as to make an order, request a consultation or to ask a question.

Landing page is helpful, if you aim to:

  • promote some specific good or service;
  • promote you brand;
  • promote a small business that offers limited range of services;
  • make Internet users acquainted with special offers.


Single-page website is filled with powerful selling content, including texts, images, dynamic elements and a feedback form.

Textual content. Texts describe the advantages of a product/service/brand, introduce special offers and motivate userS to perform a certain action on the site.

Design. Various design tricks attract users’ attention and make them stay on the website longer to scroll it down to the very end, noticing important blocks. Beautiful and user-friendly design makes landing pages more attractive and reliable to potential clients.

Additional blocks of information. Depending on the specificity of the proposal, landing page may contain subsections, or so-called triggers. They are feedback from buyers, statistics or numeric data, information about geographical coverage of services, certificates, successful projects, etc.

Feedback form is an obligatory element of any landing page. It is usually located in several parts of a single-page website. This bright and noticeable button lets visitors perform one of the targeted actions, which are ordering or purchasing the good, signing up or leaving contact information.

To sum up, here are the main goals of landing pages: to receive the contact information of potential clients, sell a good or service, and to promote a company. Great single-page websites are really helpful for sales increasing, which is why they gained such popularity among present-day businesses.


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