Official corporate website

Official corporate website solves several important tasks: provides visitors full information about history, structure, area of activities, services of enterprise or organization, and also allows to choose and order a specific kind of production or service.


Corporate site is one of the most effective marketing tools. Its objective:

  • search for new business contacts;
  • trading management;
  • lead generation;
  • increase of reach to target audience;
  • provision of relevant information about the company's activity to the clients;
  • promotion of production in the Internet;
  • quick client familiarization with new goods;
  • provision of opportunity to make a fast order to the clients;
  • attraction of new partners.


Development of corporate website is a many-stage process which includes several kinds of work connected to each other. Here are some specifics of a qualitative corporate site:
  • unique design developed in accordance with corporate brand book;
  • qualitative and unique text content;
  • powerful SEO module for effective search engine promotion of the site;
  • fully-featured graphic information — images of goods, branding graphics;
  • adaptive web pages suitable for any device (PC, smartphones, tablet computers);
  • multi-language (necessary if geographic reach of the company comes out of the borders of the country);
  • sensible structure of the site;
  • easy navigation — necessary for the client's ability to find his/her way around the pages of the site easily and find needed information;
  • convenient control panel for site administration and for adding new content (publications, news, goods, images, photos);
  • structured product catalogue with online order form.

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